A Letter From Dan Noel


All emphasis from original

Received July 14th, 1999

Dear Mr. Carter,

What a blessing it was for me to chat with you today!! As I drove along and listened to your cassette series I felt I had to call you and share with you how the Lord has used your ministry to help me through a time of great struggle in my Christian walk.

As mentioned earlier on the phone I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour approximately 4 years ago. Immediately I knew that my life had changed and the fruits of this change started to show and touch people around me.

I purchased an NIV study "bible" to feed my hunger to learn as much as I possibly could about my new found freedom from the bondage of sin, to grow spiritually, to get closer to my Lord. Yet sadly, instead of answer questions and increase my joy and peace the NIV created questions and doubts that I could not answer nor could I find the answers. Doubts, like was Jesus really the Son of God?, Did He really die that I might have eternal life?, Was praying to God in Jesus' name the right thing to do or was I offending God?

You can imagine that insead of getting closer to God, my enthusiasm started to fade. My heart was heavy and the burden of calling myself a Christian and not being sure of what I really believed started to take it's toll.

Finally in desperation one night before bed I shared my feelings of doubt with my wife and we talked about the darkness and heaviness that seemed to be following me. My routine of reading the Bible morning and night and praying daily had changed to hardly reading and feeling like a hypocrit (sic) when I did pray.

I decided to give it over to God, I laid open my heart to God in prayer, I confesssed and repented of my doubts and anxieties and asked (actually begged) Him to lead to an understanding of what was happening to me.

I had no idea that God would answer so quickly nor so emphatically!!!!! The very next evening I was on the internet and decided to type in "BIBLE" in the search and my answers began to appear on my screen. To this day I do not know how I found your site or the other KJV defending sites, but there they were, the answers I so desperately needed within 24 hours of praying. REJOICE REJOICE REJOICE was all I could do. The weight lifted, the cloud moved away taking with it the doubts. JESUS IS LORD!

My enthusiasm and hunger for the Word of God returned, your tapes have been a blessing, your essays have helped me to understand the level of deception and it has been my prayer that the Lord will use me in the way He sees fit to contend for His word. To this end, I feel doors are now opening as I have been asked to take over the men's group of our church and as well to do a weekly Sunday school. This will allow me an opportunity to lovingly witness to sincere Christian men about the preserved Word of God found only in the Authorized 1611 King James Bible.

Mr. Carter, I believe the Lord has blessed your work. It certainly had blessed me! Again thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.

Your brother in the Lord

Dan Noel