A Letter From Francois Retief


All emphasis from original

Received April 28, 2000

Dear Sir

I am writing from South Africa - so far and yet nowadays only a click away. I have been studying the debate regarding Bible versions for more than seventeen years. Thank you for your immense contribution to this battle for the truth and against the lies of the Whore of Babylon and the Anti-Christ.

My heart goes out to those millions of souls living under the dark veil of the lies conveyed to them under the disguise of the "Word of God." At the same time I realise that there has never been a time in the history of mankind - before our day - in which the Anti-Christ could unite all religions on the face of the earth under one dome - using the so called "Word of God" as its authorisation and justification. How incredibly ingenious has the deception become!

I would like to enquire about the well-being of Cecil J Carter. Is he still alive? If so I would like to express my personal appreciation for his messages and ministry. In particular I refer to the cassette series entitled "Our Bible under Attack." I have listened to the entire series and have found so much valuable information and truth pertaining not only to English translations, but translations of the Bible in many other languages.

I speak Afrikaans, which is a "child" of Dutch. In 1933 the Word of God was translated into Afrikaans for the first time. In 1953 minor revisions were made. These two translations are both literal translations based on the Textus Receptus. There are, however, a small number of incorrect translations that I think should have been rendered differently. Examples are: "O morning star" in stead of "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12. Another is in Daniel 3:25 where it reads "a son of gods" (literally translated) instead of "the Son of God."

Then there is the latest 1983 Afrikaans translation, which is a dynamic equivalent translation and basically a mirror image of the NIV.

A very interesting corruption in the Afrikaans Bible over a time period of fifty years is found in Psalm 12:7&8 dealing with "the words of the Lord." In verse 8 referring to the preservation of the words of the Lord the 1933 Afrikaans version uses the words "them" and "them" both referring to the words of the Lord. Twenty years later this verse reads exactly the same apart from one alteration: the second "them" is changed to "us." Therefor only half the promise i.e. that God will preserve his words, remained. Thirty years later both the "them's" were changed to "us" effectively eliminating this precious promise from the Word of God. How ingenious is the "master" behind the "master plan."

I would like to order the cassette series entitled "Shadow of Coming Events." I know that you state that you send the first cassette in the series only, and then if I like it you would send the rest. I would, however, beg you that you send the entire series from the start.

I ask this for two reasons:
1. The mail takes between three and four months to reach us here in South Africa.
2. I have listened to two other series, ie. "Our Bible under Attack" and "Joseph as a Type of Christ." After listening to these messages I have no doubt whatsoever that I will request the entire series anyway! You can know for certain that the cassettes will not lie on a shelf in the dust - they will labour!

My order:
1. Cassette series: "Shadow of Coming Events"
2. Tract: "The Men Behind the Manuscripts"


I am looking forward to the new material. I bid you God's richest blessing for your labours in his Kingdom.

Your brother in Christ

Francois Retief