A Letter From Gail Riplinger


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Received June 9th, 1993

Dear brother Cecil and Sister Renee,

I could never begin to thank you enough for your spiritually enlightening and uplifting phone conversations and bible studies.

"When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him." Isaiah 59:19

Your calls and counsel have been my standard amidst the enemy's flood. The very scriptures you gave me were the exacting sword the Spirit sent to help. After our conversation, I just wept and wept with joy, that God would love me enough to help me out in such a way, and allow me to learn from one of his true disciples. Renee and you are in my prayers everyday that God would bless you and give you the health and strength to minister to a shepherdless generation (Cecil J. Carter's messages on the radio - hey, that's an idea!)

Your excellent tract on the NASB has traveled everywhere with me for years. It was the subject of many of my bible studies at Kent State University. Anyone who crossed my path invariably got one. It is clear and powerfully done. Your tract served to educate me in my early years as a Christian and I in turn passed it on to enumerable students at KSU. (Sadly, the NASB is the version of choice at KSU.)

The most fun I ever had with your NASB tract was when I passed it out outside a campus Catholic Church. They were advertising a series called, "What's Wrong with Fundamentalism?" Many campus Christians including myself and Mike, attended to defend the faith. The priest's thesis was that the King James was a mess. Although he was a Harvard graduate, it turns out he actually knew very little about the history of the Bible. A few pointed questions on my part, led students to swarm me and Mike after the meeting. They wanted more information. So the last night of the series I brought a huge stack of my Cecil J. Carter NASB tracts, all of the audiance took them eagerly. The priest has succeeded only in drawing a crowd to receive your tracts! "Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee"

Students always commented on your tract, "I've got to show this to my pastor at home." I plan to give your tract, in the next few weeks, to the head of Campus Crusade for Christ in northeast Ohio. He contacted me and expressed interest in learning 'what's wrong with his NASB.'

I wish you and Renee all the best for your 50th Anneversary of your journey with God ...

Love in Christ,
Mike, Gail, and Bryn
IIThes. 3:1

You can read the NASB tract mentioned above here