A Letter From Thomas S. Golden



Dr. Golden was president of Faith Bible College (this Bible college has since been merged with another) and responsible for the training of many young Baptist ministers. In a subsequent personal conversation with Cecil Carter, Dr. Golden said, "The young men come in here gun-ho for the new versions, and they go out completely rejoicing in the pre-eminence of the King James Version." To God be the glory!

All emphasis in the following letter was in the original letter

Received January 29, 1979

Dear Mr. Carter:

Dr. David Otis Fuller sent me a copy of your manuscript THE THINKING, THEORIES, AND THEOLOGY OF Drs. Westcott and Hort. I have read and reread it and am amazed at this document! I never knew such a book as that written by Hort Jr. about his father existed. If your document is as represented (and I'm not questioning it) it can provide the most devastating blow to the supporters of the Revision of 1881 and those following than most anything I know. Is it now in book form?

I am enclosing $10.00 requesting five (5) copies of your manuscript. [CJC - Please note, all materials have always been offered free of charge by Cecil Carter (although others have sold his material). This was a free will offering] Please rush them to me as soon as possible. Also please let me know if it is possible to secure a copy of the "LIFE AND LETTERS of FENTON JOHN ANTHONY HORT by son, Aruthur Fenton Hart (sic).

I have one comment to make on your manuscript. On page 16 you tell of a scholar who worked on two translations. I think this testimony his (sic) most significant. But I think if you had given his name it would have strengthened that testimony, adding much credibility. [The version of the manuscript on this web site includes the scholar's name: Franklin Logsdon. The scholars letter can be viewied here.] Surely he would not have objected since he expressed his desire to renounce all attachment to the NASV. Even if you could not publish his name, could you provide me with that information?

I thank the Lord for the valuable service you have rendered in writing this manuscript. It shall become a part of the ministry of our school

Trusting I shall hear from you soon, I am,
Psalms 119:140, Yours in His Service,
Thomas N. Golden

P.S. Will you please remember me when you have written on Westcott? Thank you very much. TNG